1. He Saw Me, 2. Another One Like Him, 3. Love Goes A Mighty Long Way, 4. One Day Longer, 5. Yes He Did, Yes He Does, Yes He Will, 6. Without You I Haven't Got A Prayer, 7. More Than Enough, 8. Sowing The Good Seed, 9. Do What Jesus Did, 10. Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary, 11. Where My Savior Is, 12. Lift Up Your Hands When You Can't

Another One Like Him
Love Goes A Mighty Long Way
One Day Longer
Where My Savior Is
Lift Up Your Hands When You Cant

1. I Can Hardly Wait To Fly, 2. Goodbye To Goodbye, 3. How Long A Lifetime Is, 4. Lord Of Mercy, 5. Here I Am Again, 6. I Know What He Did For Me, 7. Somebody Is Me, 8. This Same Jesus, 9. Things God Doesn't Know, 10. Send Somebody, 11. Aint It Good, 12. Everything The Blood Touches Lives

I Can Hardly Wait To Fly
How Long A Lifetime Is
Lord Of Mercy
This Same Jesus

1. I'll Meet You In the Morning, 2. Sweet Bye and Bye, 3. God Leads Us Along, 4. I Know My Name is Written There, 5. At Calvary, 6. How Great Thou Art, 7. Pass Me Not, 8. Victory In Jesus, 9. I'm Winging My Way Back Home, 10. Through It All, 11. Unclouded Day

God Lead Us Along
At Calvary
Victory In Jesus

1. Ordinary Sunday, 2. He Saved Me Anyway, 3. Save in the Grip If His Grace, 4. Ship Was Made To Sail, 5. God I Know, 6. Holy All Over Again, 7. He Forgot, 8. It's Still Through The Blood and The Old Rugged Cross, 9. Never Again, 10. The Saving Kind, 11. Nothing Greater Than Grace, 12. Beyond The Blue

Ordinary Sunday
The Blood And The Old Rugged Cross

1. I'm Looking For Jesus To Come, 2. I Won't Walk, 3. He Knows My Name, 4. Peace Like A River, 5. Pray Through Me, 6. No Back Roads, 7. Jesus Is More Than Enough, 8. Put That On My Account, 9. I Know That I Know, 10. I'm Going To A City, 11. There's Something About That Word Grace, 12. I Remember The Day

He Knows My Name
Peace Like A River
I Remember The Day