If you believe in this ministry and want to "partner" with us, there are 2 main ways to do so:

Financially sow into our ministry.
We are a non-profit organization which means any and all donations are tax deductible. This ministry has always trusted the Lord to meet all of our needs, and we have complete trust that He will never fail us. So often, He chooses to use people like you to do His work in providing a way for us to continue to do this magnificent calling. We thank you for your trust and your willingness to PARTNER with us.

We believe in the power of prayer!
Some of you can financially support us and pray...others may choose to pray only. This is not a lesser gift. Not to us! We covet your prayers. Please pray God's protection for us and our families as we travel. Pray our motivation is constantly on that next soul, and that God will continue to use simple, ordinary people like us to reach the lost!

Give Special Donation
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